The mission of the Idaho High School Activities Association is to coordinate, supervise, and direct interscholastic activities which enhance and protect the total educational process of all student participants. All activities programs shall be formulated to promote citizenship and the academic mission of the school.

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Official's Online Registration Form

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Activity District 
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Are you a registered sex offender? 
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(If any of the above occurs during a certification time period, you are required to notify the IHSAA in writing immediately. Failure to report either of the above shall result in a suspension for a minimum of one (1) year.)

Do you possess a valid driver's license? 
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Fee Reminder:
Early registration fees (1 week prior to clinic date) are $37.00. After the early registration date, an additional $10.00 fee will be added for each sport.

Please check all applicable boxes:  
Football ($37.00 | $47.00)
Volleyball ($37.00 | $47.00)
Soccer ($37.00 | $47.00)
Wrestling ($37.00 | $47.00)
Basketball ($37.00 | $47.00)
Track ($37.00 | $47.00)
Baseball ($37.00 | $47.00)
Softball ($37.00 | $47.00)
Baseball & Softball ($47.00 | $57.00)
Football Rules Illustrated ($5.00)
Basketball Rules Illustrated ($5.00)

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