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3D Coach (Jeff Duke)  

In 3D Coach, Jeff Duke (of the 3D Institute) shares his journey through the three dimensions of coaching, and how they have impacted his life and those around him. He also shares the personal stories of coaches from all levels who have implemented the 3D concept into their own programs, and the success that has followed.

Research shows that only 15 percent of coaches are intentional about coaching beyond the skills and strategies of the game (first dimension). A 3D coach understands and harnesses the power of the coaching platform to coach the mind (second dimension) and transform the heart (third dimension), and they can be the catalysts for internal transformation that guides both the coach and the athlete on a spiritual journey to finding purpose in this performance-based culture of sport.

NFHS Coaches Education Opportunities/Courses

                     *IHSAA Required
                        * NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course  
                            University of Idaho Credit Available - Registration Form - Registration Form
                        * Sudden Cardiac Arrest                                                          
                        * St. Luke's Idaho Concussion Course            

                       FREE COURSES
                        Appearance & Performance Enhancing Drugs
                        Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors
                        Captains Course
                        Coaching Unified Sports
                        Concussion in Sports
                        Concussion in Sports (Spanish)
                        Concussion for Students
                        Engaging Effectively With Parents
                        Heat Illness Prevention
                        Introduction to Interscholastic Music
                        Introduction to Music Adjudication
                        Introduction to Pitch Smart
                        NCAA Eligibility
                        Positive Sport Parenting
                        Social Media
                        Sports Nutrition

                        Coaching Baseball
                             Introduction to Pitch Smart
                        Coaching Basketball
                        Coaching Cheer & Dance
                             Spirit Safety Certification
                        Coaching Football
                             Blocking, Shoulder Tackling & Equipment Fitting
                        Coaching Golf
                        Coaching Soccer
                        Coaching Swimming
                        Coaching Tennis
                        Coaching Track & Field
                             Coaching Pole Vault
                        Coaching Wrestling


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